Music from the Lost Room

Ambient and electronic music by Kevin Lyons

Tracks on Compilation Albums

Infinite Drone Volume 1

Infinite drone 1

Leviathan is included on the Infinite Drone Vol.1 compilation on the Infinite Drone net label.

Released May 2013

Available from Infinite Drone

Fukushima Drones


New track Zirconium is featured on theFukushima Drones compilation by Aural Films.This is an ongoing compilation project created by Jack Hertz featuring contributions from artists from around the world. This community project is dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support efforts coping with the Fukushima Diaichi nuclear disaster.

Released August 2013

Available from Aural Films

Album in a Day Volume 7

Album in a Day 7

The new track A Thousand Surfaces is featured on the free download compilation Album in a Day Volume 7. Like all the tracks on the album it was written and recorded on Saturday 28 September 2013, submitted later the same day and released two days later.

Released September 2013

Available from BFW Recordings

Midnight Radio II

Midnight Radio 2

My track The Quantum Self (named after the excellent book by Dana Zohar) is one of 50 pieces from 50 different artists on the Midnight Radio II compilation.

Released October 2013

Available from Midnight Radio

“…ending the year on a high” 

ending the year on a high

The track Another Year appears on this end of 2013 showcase of artists on the weareallghosts label and is available for free from the label’s Bandcamp page.

Released January 2014

Available from weareallghosts

Midnight Radio XI

Midnight Radio 11

The track Sikorsky Skyline, a collaboration with Cousin Silas, features on the eleventh edition of the Midnight Radio series.

Released February 2014

Available from Midnight Radio

I No Longer Love Blue Skies

I No Longer Love Blue Skies

My track Endgame features on this ongoing project to raise money for the very worthwhile Trees for the Future project.

Released February 2014

Available from S4G Records

Enter the Twilight Zone

Enter the Twilight Zone

How could I resist this one?! An ongoing anthology of music inspired by the classic TV show The Twilight Zone. My contribution is named for and inspired by one of my favourite episodes, Walking Distance.

Released 17 February 2014

Available from Aural Films

The Strange Bestiary

A track entitled Charybdis was accepted for this ongoing compilation from Fraction Studio

Released 17 May 2014

Available from Fraction Studio

Album in a Day Volume 9

Album in a Day

The new track All the Way Back is featured on this, my second contribution to the Album in a Day series.

Released 7 September 2014

Available from BFW Recordings

The Horns of Sacred Animals Vol. 1

Unsheep 2

There are two tracks featuring me on this collection of collaborations with Ade Hodges. The first, Alien Hat, is me and Ade, the second, She Loves My Space Junk, is by me, Ade and Cousin Silas.

Released 24 September 2014

Available from Unsheep

The BFW Christmas Album 2014

BFW Xmas

The first of three contributions to end-of-year compilations is Between the Woods and the Frozen Lake, one of 18 tracks on BFW’s now traditional Christmas album

Released 15 December 2014

Available from BFW Recordings

The Xmas Compilation 2014

Petroglyph Xmas

More vaguely wintry chilliness with The Winter Moon featured on this 126 track epic from Petroglyph music.

Released 20 December 2014

Available from Petroglyph Music

… ending the year on a high 2014 (waag_com003)

Ending the Year on a High 2014

2015 begins with the release of the second volume of weareallghost’s annual compilation, featuring my track The Burning Sky. This one’s a bit of a departure for waag – usually anything released on the label is available for a free download or, if you’re feeling generous, pay-what-you-want. This one though is a fundraiser for Hospice UK and is only available for a very reasonable £5 minimum (but do please give more if you can). For that you get twenty tracks of excellent ambient and electronic music and a very worthy cause gets a little financial boost.

Released 5 January 2015

Available from weareallghosts


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