Music from the Lost Room

Ambient and electronic music by Kevin Lyons

Silas + Hodges + Lyons

An occasional collaboration between myself, Cousin Silas and Adrian Hodges.

The Silent Citadel – Silas + Hodges + Lyons

Silent Citadel

The first release from Silas + Hodges + Lyons, recorded in Slaithwaite, Yorkshire over the August Bank Holiday weekend in 2013. The album also contains a track featuring weareallghosts main man Thomas Mathie.

Eternity Minus One (07:26)
The Silent Citadel (05:43)
Between Echoes & Silence (12:22)
Afterimage (07:03)
Red Sky Syndrome (06:12)
Voices from the Dust (07:21)
Beyond Earth Angel Station (10:28)
Flux (ft. Thomas Mathie) (15:23)

Released October 2013

Available from weareallghosts

Classwar Karaoke – 0030 Survey


The track Inclining Towards Pleasure by Silas + Hodges + Lyons was included on this compilation release.

Released 29 May 2015

Available from Classwar Karaoke


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