Music from the Lost Room

Ambient and electronic music by Kevin Lyons

Silas and Lyons

I’ve been collaborating with Cousin Silas for some time, initially on individual tracks featured on compilation albums, and more recently on a series of album-length works.

Silas & Friends Volume 2

Silas & Friends 2

The second volume of collaborations from Cousin Silas features a track we worked on together called Metropolitan Grey. The album – which also features Piper Ben, Jack Hertz, Michael Brückner, The Implicit Order, LPF12, Christopher Alvarado, Brother Saturn, Har, Ade Hodges, Wolfgang Gsell, Burning Artist and Kuutana Serenity – is dedicated to the memory of musician Kevin Haller aka Burning Artist who passed away in October 2013.

Released October 2013

Available from weareallghosts

Silas & Friends Volume 3

silas and friends 3

The track Fire and Ice was our contribution to this third volume of Silas’ collaborations with a huge number of ambient and electronic musicians.

Released 4 May 2014

Available from weareallghosts




The first in what’s shaping up to be a long series of collaborations with Cousin Silas. The title is an amalgamation of the two science fiction fanzines we both published in the 1980s, The Scanner and Works.

The Time Tombs (06:27)
Alpha Process (07:32)
Studies on N-Space and its Effects on Extra Vehicular Activity (05:57)
Jupiter is Still Silent (06:20)
Arrival at Barnard’s Star (07:05)
The Titans of Siren (03:38)
The Sixth Dimensional Playroom (05:08)
Fragments of a Hologram Rose (05:09)
Orbiting Europa (04:32)
The Magnetic Anomalies on Shasta VII (06:03)
Through a Galaxy Backwards (05:12)
Light of Other Days (06:23)
Journey’s End (05:59)

Released August 2014

Available from weareallghosts

Amazing Tales of Time and Space

Amazing Tales

A second volume of science fiction horror inspired pieces.

1. Storming the Cosmos (07:15)
2. The Soft Rains (06:39)
3. One Night in Innsmouth (05:49)
4. Attack Ships on Fire (05:25)
5. Lightyears from Home (07:12)
6. The Things That Keep Us Up at Night (06:25)
7. Good Ol’ Norman and his Fruit Cellar (06:56)
8. Orbital Scanning Station 7888-90-1 Has Initiated Contact Of Unknown Origin (06:26)
9. The Backstreets of Marsport Ain’t No Place for Tourists (04:56)
10. The True Origins of Cybernetic Lifeforms (05:40)
11. The Undercity (05:22)
12. Of Dying Skies and Rockets to Mars (06:52)

Released 13 April 2015

Available from weareallghosts


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