Music from the Lost Room

Ambient and electronic music by Kevin Lyons

Welcome to Music from the Lost Room

This is an effort to keep track of all of my music endeavors, be they full blown album release or individual tracks on compilation albums. I’ll be updating the blog section on a regular basis as and when there’s news to share.

As 2015 dawns there’s plenty of new music to come – Thomas Mathie at weareallghosts already has one solo album and a couple more collaborations with Cousin Silas, there’s another Silas, Hodges and Lyons album on its way and as of January 2015 two more solo albums are in the works as well as various bits and pieces for Unsheep

As for the music itself… I’m no great fan of labels so I’ll just stick with “electronic” (my preferred term for what I do) and can live comfortably with “ambient”. Narrowing it down any further will only lead to disappointment – I reserve the right to be not-at-all ambient in the future and will happily dabble in almost any of the styles that fall loosely under the umbrella of “electronic music”. Be thankful I haven’t inflicted on you any of the hopeless industrial stuff I’ve been dabbling with. “Not very good” would be a charitable description of that old racket!

Boring but important stuff…

All my music is released under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0) which means essentially that you’re free to “copy, distribute and transmit the work” so long as you credit where it came from, don’t alter it in an way and most importantly don’t try to make any money out of it.

Of course all these conditions can be waived so long as you talk to me first so if you fancy using the music for another project, just drop me a line.All of my music is available either for free or for “pay what you want” for better quality downloads.

And whatever you do don’t go parting with your cash for this stuff unless you’re giving it to the net labels that released it! No-one else has the right to flog you any of this stuff!

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